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Panelict Technologies has gained relevant experience and strong expertise as a WordPress development company by handling a large customer base from small business startups to large enterprises. We offer our clients different kinds of websites ranging from E-commerce to Multi-vendor e-commerce, Education/School, Religion organization, Travel Agency, Law firms, Consultancy firms, Real Estate website etc.

We have elevating authentic quality standards, and avoiding the possible oversights, Panel-ICT follows a conventional approach while embedding fresh and innovation-driven methodologies at the same time, thereby accomplishing all of it with its mix of crisp and accurately intelligent WordPress solutions.

We serve to drive a wedge between practicability and ambition while positioning you at the top of your game. Our WordPress development and conversion services are based on our agile and proven approach. Our experts focus on integrating a set of smooth and sophisticated visual features and details, along with altering your business landscape for growth and improvement.

Wordpress Development India



Our Website Development Services

1. Custom WordPress Development

Developing a website with astonishing aesthetics and features, while keeping it responsive at the same time, is what every webmaster desires and Panel-ICT incisively delivers. Our custom WordPress development services are designed to help you set up a website that is exactly in sync with your set of requirements. We make managing content on your website a rewarding exercise.

Our services typically include developing plug-ins for different features, crafting multi-faceted themes and templates, making it responsive across different devices, optimizing it for SEO, graphics development, etc. No matter you want your design to be fancy or simple; our developers lend you an element of versatility and give you full freedom to add the required fullness to your website.

Customized WordPress Development


2. WordPress Plug-In Development

WordPress is undeniably one of the best platforms of its age and provides you with a remarkable set of features and capabilities. However, when you want to implement some specific features; WordPress packages may come along with a lot of unnecessary fluff or you may not find what you need. And that’s when our customized plug-ins come into play.


3. Theme Customization

Our professional WordPress developers provide you full liberty to customize your themes to your desired designs.

4. Responsive Templates

While enhancing the themes with superb designs, we make sure that they are compatible across multiple browsers and devices.

5. SEO Optimized Solutions

We don’t just build your website; we optimize it for search engines to facilitate better indexing and generate higher and more relevant traffic.