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IT Procurement Services

Panelict Technology and Consulting provides IT procurement services, providing the latest technologies and software licensing. We maintain preferred partnerships with the IT industry’s leading OEMs such as Adobe, Microsoft, Lenovo and IBM to access today’s latest hardware, software and services solutions. 

We focus on your budget and negotiate with OEMs on your behalf to secure the best volume pricing, hidden or low-key warranties and other beneficial inputs for lowering your long-term IT system costs. 

Our long standing relationships with major industry distributors allows us to provide competitive pricing on all IT products, which we can bundle with our professional services to provide a complete solution for your hardware refresh initiatives.

Our Procurement Categories

Hardware Procurement

We at Panelict Technologies and Consulting can help you with your procurement of hardware assets. 

With our services, you can purchase new IT gear and implement it into your organization’s infrastructure. 

Our services make sure that you have a comprehensive picture of all the IT equipment in your organization, as well as provide reports that show how well your staff is using these tools.

Software Procurement

Panelict Technologies and Consulting can help your organization acquire the standard software. Our comprehensive reports will identify how your organization uses its software, how software flows throughout the company, and even how employees get to work each day. 

By understanding these requirements, your firm will become more efficient and effective in their productivity and output.

Creating a long-term cost savings opportunity out of wasteful IT procurement.

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