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Panelict Technologies and Consulting is the most reliable I.T Project Management firm in Abuja, Nigeria. We provide top-notch Information Technology (IT) and digital project services that will help you to:

1. propel your business to the Global market.

2. free up your time and allows you to concentrate on the essential tasks of your business.

3. reduce the cost of operating your business.

4. grow your business revenue faster.

5. rank your business website 1ST in the search engine.

6. reduce employee-related expenses.

7. Likewise, stay ahead of the competition.

Panelict Technologies and Consulting was launched in December 2019 and incorporated in June 2021. Ever since its inception, it has delivered more than 20 bespoke IT Projects including School websites, Learning management system, e-commerce system, more than 100 Company Registration, and many graphic contents.

Our IT & digital project services are available to all companies, regardless of size. We deal with large firms effectively and also help Small and Medium Businesses to propel their businesses to the global market.

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Our Process

Stage 1
Project Initiation
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During this stage, Our team will turn your abstract idea into a meaningful goal. At this stage, we will help you to develop a business case and define the project on a broad level. In order to do that, we will work with you to determine the need for the project and create a project charter.

The project charter is an important document consisting of details like the project constraints, goals, appointment of the project manager, budget, expected timeline, etc.

Stage 2
Project Planning
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In this phase, the primary tasks are identifying technical requirements, developing a detailed project schedule, creating a communication plan, setting up goals and deliverables.

Stage 3
Project Execution
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At this stage is where our team does the actual work. As a project management firm, our job is to establish efficient workflows and carefully monitor the progress of our team.

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