6 best video hosting platforms

Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

In the present computerized world, online training is blasting. People consume millions of hours on Facebook videos and even five times more hours on YouTube, one of the best video hosting platforms.

One of the most important decisions for your online course website is which of the best video hosting platform you will use. It’s a balance between cost, features, security, and reliability.

In this video, I have helped you reduced your RESEARCH TIME and make it easy for you to compare different 6 top video hosting platforms, so you can choose the best video hosting for your online course.

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Key Features of the Best Video Hosting Platforms for Online Courses

We have done the diligent work for you by recognizing and assembling a rundown of contemplations e-learning organizations should observe when looking at changed video stages. After researching many e-learning organizations throughout the years, we have a really smart thought of what components are most imperative to guaranteeing video achievement.

  1. An extraordinary video hosting platform gives you a chance to redo the video player on your site. This will give your recordings greater believability and make your course site look increasingly proficient. For example, you should think about including your logo in your online video player.
  2. When doing your video stage correlation, check for a hearty API that enables you to fuse the stage legitimately into your current frameworks.
  3.  Great video facilitating destinations give you instruments to follow and examine diverse video durations, for example, the number of perspectives, watch term, heat maps, and traffic sources.
  4. Content Delivery Network (CDN is another significant part of video hosting for online courses. Generally, a CDN alludes to a geologically appropriated gathering of servers that work together to give quick conveyance of web content. Preferably, a platform must have servers around the globe. That way, your recordings stream from whichever server is nearest to every watcher’s gadget.
  5. What amount of video length does it support? Do they offer plans that can be modified to meet your particular needs?
  6. Every platform gives distinctive security alternatives that might meet your requirements. For instance, some regular safety efforts include encoded spilling, DRM encryptionpassword security, domain control watermarking, and video planning.
  7. Choose a platform with good 24/7 hours support with a good help desk. Detailed blog on top 10 features to look for in video hosting platforms.
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