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Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business?

A digital marketing strategy is an important part of the overall marketing mix of a business regardless of its size.

Small business marketing for a local company can include many offline local advertising methods, but it needs to also include a healthy portion of digital marketing strategies in order to maximize sales in today’s economy.

A small business that is doing most or all of its business online needs to embrace a digital marketing strategy that helps online users see it.

Take a look at your customers and identify where they spend their time online. Your digital client base might be a different audience than you’re used to targeting. Your budget will be an important factor when deciding which digital marketing strategies to pursue.

Don’t be afraid to test out a few different methods when deciding which digital marketing strategy is best for your business. Take a look at the results to see which methods are the most effective with your client base, and ensure you’re getting a positive return on investment (ROI).

Some strategies can be difficult to measure, but be consistent with your method of measurement—one suggestion is to compare the company’s revenue during certain marketing efforts to the revenue generated while running other marketing campaigns.

The following are effective digital marketing strategies you can deploy to increase your business revenue and reach.

1. Social Media Marketing

Everyone talks about social media, but not all companies can integrate social media into their business. The type of media used, as well as how it is used, depends on the type of business you have.

For some companies, being in touch with their customers and giving them breaking news can be an important element of success. Other businesses, such as a local restaurant, have seen success using social media by letting customers know of the latest specials and new additions to their menu.

The most important aspect of social media is to use it to strengthen your customer base to achieve repeat sales. Try to figure out which online channels make the most sense for your business and the customers you’re trying to reach. Does your marketing have a strong visual aspect? Instagram could be the best fit for your business.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is essential for small and medium businesses to compete with larger companies by being more visible in search engine results.

Research shows that people use a search engine like Google to find products both online and locally.

Thus, it is imperative that your company place high in search results for words that relate to what you are selling. For example, you are selling Cake in Ilorin, use the keyword Cake in Ilorin often on your website and other digital platforms.

A professional Digital Agency like Panelict Technologies Limited offers this service through search engine optimization (SEO), which can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages through methods such as:

  • Keyword research and volume
  • Internal link building
  • Optimizing content to produce high-quality, relevant information

3. Email Marketing

Essentially, email marketing is promoting products and services electronically—through newsletters, updates, promotions, or general messaging—and is reliant on building a list of existing and prospective customers.

This list of names and emails consists of people who are interested in your business, and you know this to be true because they have opted into this list themselves.

Perhaps they were offered future updates on products as well as coupons to sign up for. As this list grows, it becomes more valuable. Many marketing professionals consider this a very important, long-term small business marketing strategy.

4. Content Marketing

This strategy revolves around giving prospective customers information about your product or service, as well as information in general. Everyone is trying to sell, but those that can inform are more likely to get sales. People will attribute a certain level of expertise to a company, and this instills confidence in the consumer.

In the past, content marketing was often executed through printed brochures and guidebooks. Today, however, the strategy relies on delivering valuable, relevant articles and information on your company’s website that advises and attract potential customers and serve as a call to action.

This content that you’re reading can be categorized under Content Marketing because it was written to educate our potential clients.

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is running online advertisements where the business only pays if the ad has been clicked on. There are many different types of online ads including the ones featured at the top and sides of a search, promotions that run before videos, or ads that show up in mobile apps or while browsing online.

Some benefits of PPC marketing are that the business only pays for results and that ads can be targeted towards a specific geographic location.

The cost of PPC marketing can vary significantly depending on how much the company is willing to invest in advertising. Pricing is based mainly on keyword competition—popular keywords that have high competition will cost more.


If you have a small or medium business, you need to take the above areas of digital marketing into consideration. Formulate a plan and combine it with your other marketing efforts.

You can have professionals help you or outsource if you don’t have the manpower to handle marketing obligations in-house.

Many online marketing strategies are outsourced, because unless you have time to dedicate it’s difficult to stay on the multiple changes that transpire when it comes to strategy.

you can do much content and email marketing yourself, but it never hurts to ask experts for strategy advice to help get you started.

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