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about us

Panelict Technologies is recognized as a leading  I.T & Digital Projects Management Start-up in Nigeria. Our company is built around planning, organizing, managing and successfully executing organizations’ specific I.T/Digital Projects.

We are a formidable I.T and Digital Projects Management Start-up with a strong grasp on various aspects of I.T & Digital technologies incorporation such as brand website development, Mobile Apps Development, School Management System (SMS), Learning Management System (LMS), Business Software development and integrations, brand identity development, Hardware Installation, Software Installation & Configuration, Networking & Network Upgrading, CCTV Installation, business analytics & data management and Miscellaneous I.T Services.

Every I.T & Digital Projects we have executed, our clients are satisfied and proud of our works. These projects were built by our team of the friendly web developer, software and app developer, graphic designer, digital marketer and branding strategist.

We have an innovative way of working, removing unnecessary costs, offering lower prices than other similar agencies or companies. If you are looking for a reliable I.T/Digital Project Management Start-up to help you handle your I.T related projects in Nigeria, then we would love to hear from you. Let’s help you create a sustainable future by building preservative technologies.

Let us help you create a sustainable future by building preservative technologies.

Ahmed Adedokun, MUSTAPHA

CEO, Panelict Technologies