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Ahmed Eniola

We are Serving Companies and Businesses of All Sizes

Panelict Technologies and Consulting is a reliable Digital Hub in Abuja, Nigeria. We provide top-notch administrative, technical, and digital services that can help you to:
1. Propel your business to the Global market.
2. Our service frees up your time and allows you to concentrate on the essential tasks Of your business.
3. It reduces the cost of operating your business.
4. It helps to grow your business revenue faster.
5. Not only that, but it encourages achieving your business set goals.
6. Likewise, it reduces employee-related expenses.
7. Furthermore, it boosts your business to stay ahead of the competition.
8. It assists in improving your emotional well-being and many more.

Panelict Technologies and Consulting was launched in December 2019 and incorporated in 2021.

The Digital Hub is 100% owned by the founder, Ahmed Eniola. Mustapha. And ever since its inception, we have delivered more than 20 bespoke websites, 45 CV rebranding, numerous graphic contents etc.

Stop stretching yourself too thin. Engage an expert who is ready to handle recurring and specialized tasks. Our digital services are available for all companies, regardless of size. We deal with large firms effectively and also help SMEs including startups get started with their brands.

Our Mission

Our digital hub mission is to provide quality administrative, technical and digital services to companies and businesses that can’t afford full-time staff. Therefore, help them to achieve their business goals, reduce the cost of running their businesses, save time and effort. 

Our Vision

To become the most reliable billion-dollar Digital Hub in Africa.

Our Focus

Creative Domain

As a digital hub, we are drawn to works that allow us to express our capabilities in many creative-technical domains. We’ve designed cutting-edge website projects for multinational organizations, businesses and companies. Our team of experts thrive in a wide range of job types and company sizes. Let’s get started!

Looking for skilled, multi-tasking experts? We call them our Virtual Assistants.

At Panelict, we undertake a comprehensive vetting process to find the most appropriate and skilled talent for our clients. Before training them, we evaluate Virtual Assistants on a number of parameters, including:

  • Assistants with 2+ Years of experience
  • Communication skills
  • Technical expertise with diverse skill-sets

Why You Should Partner With Us

  • Timely project delivery

    We assure you timely execution of the client’s project and assist you in technical support whenever it is required by agency partners.

  • High Profit Margins

    We have a very low reasonable price. Our Digital Agency gives you the ultimate opportunity to achieve high profit margins and quadruple your growth substantially in the market.

  • Access to latest technologies

    Our Digital Agency will always support your brand to enjoy and maintain cutting-edge technologies the drive sales and business growth.

  • Round-the-clock customer support

    Your business will get the round the clock customer support on your projects with a dedicated account manager who will be available on email, chat or phone call regularly.

Are You Ready To Amplify Your Business?

Your VA is hand-picked, rigorously trained, and is ready to work for your business. Request a Free Consultation and get a dedicated Virtual Assistant in 24 hours

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