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“We help organizations achieve their IT goals by planning and executing projects”.

Panelict Technologies and Consulting

We deliver excellent results for our clients' businesses by creating, executing and managing IT projects.

As the technology business is growing, so are the number of sophisticated technologies that can help businesses, companies and organizations boost their operations, cut costs and maximize profits.

At Panelict Technologies & Consulting, we lead IT projects with new business models that increase visibility and revenue. We combine agile methodology with new business models to increase conversions and revenue.

Our IT/Digital Project Services

We offer top-notch IT and digital project management services that help businesses and companies grow spontaneously to the Global market.

Recent Projects

These are a few of the IT and Digital projects we have successfully managed and delivered to our customers around the world.

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Our Clients


We have a great client list in the showcase. We are rated 5 Stars by satisfied customers.


Some of the testimonials we received from our clients after successfully delivered their projects shows how our Digital Project Management Company has positively impacted on their brands.

YEMI Executive Director Yunus Muhideen

Engr. Muhideen Yunus

Executive Director, YEMI Initiative

"Boasting of extraordinary quality of professionalism and full proficiency", the Panelict Technologies and Consulting (Best Digital Project Management Company in Nigeria) implemented web designs that reflected the client's vision. The team was reliable and communicative and most importantly patience and understanding - making for a smooth collaboration and easy project execution. They successfully delivered an on-line presence for our organization that we are more than satisfied with.

Looking for a company to assist your organization or company to boost your on-line presence? We highly recommend the Panelict Technologies and Consulting team. They are tested and trusted, and their services are top-notch, we must say!

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Mr. Abdulkareem Abu Haneefah

Ashy Azland Steel Company, Lagos

"I just wanted to give a personal testimonial for Mr. Ahmad Eniola and his team of developers. We have worked together on multiple projects and I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. They are very good at delivering high quality work in a timely manner. I would highly recommend that anyone look for top-notch service from a group of very talented individuals contact Panelict (Best Digital Project Management Company in Nigeria)!".

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Ustadh Afeez Akanni Otun

Executive Director, An-Nubalaa International Academy, Saudi Arabia

"Panelict is the best company I have ever worked with. Their work is top-notch, Mashaa Allaah. They have helped An-nubalaa International Academy with beautiful web designs that captivate the awareness of the public. Simple designs, yet the very best! I recommend Panelict (Best Digital Project Management Company in Nigeria) to anyone willing to build and promote their businesses with a more global and captivating design!"

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Mr. Tirimisiy Abdulwaasi (Assoutudeen)

Founder & Managing Director, Assoutudeen Farms, Nigeria

"The team lead by Ahmed Eniola has been highly creative, accommodating, understanding and more friendly. The peak of their responsibility is excellent character coupled with unraveleded human relation. Their results are always great and are so joyful to watch, even when overpricing people is never their goal. If you're thinking of moving to the next level, I recommend Panelict Technologies and Consulting (Best Digital Project Management Company in Nigeria) for you".​

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Mr. Ibraheem Abu Unaysah

Executive Director, Better Half Marriage Consult (BHMC)

"Your work looks great! It's clear that you care about your design and take the time to do it correctly. I especially liked that you asked the client about their design preferences before creating their website, and I'm excited to see what you do next. Jazakumullahu khayran, Panelict (Best Digital Project Management Company in Nigeria)".  ​