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Panelict Group is one of the leading Tech Conglomerate in Nigeria and one of the largest on the African continent. 

Our Investments

Digital Services Hub in Abuja

A Digital Service Hub in Abuja. We are providing top-notch Digital services to customers in Nigeria and abroad.

Our Services:

1. Web Design,

2. E-commerce development, 

3. Learning Platform Development 

4. Branding & Graphics, 

5. Business & Company Registration.

Panelict A.I. & Robotics Technologies

We are selling all A.I.-powered technological gadgets that will help you connect with the next generations.

Our Products:

1. Robots of various kinds and sizes (for education and households).

2. Drones

3. Virtual Reality Devices

….. and many more.

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8, J.L. Mamadu Street, Dawaki District, Abuja, Nigeria

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